Final Public Relations Blog Entry

It doesn’t feel that long ago when we started writing these weekly blog entries about what we had learned in the descending weeks. Going into this subject I had no idea of what to expect, what theories we would cover, or if I would even be able to grasp the concepts.

As we went from topic to topic, some theories and people stood out to me, and led me to a solid understanding of what the Public Relations profession is and how these people deal with the media and how all the different types of publics.

I really enjoyed learning about how companies deal with the different types of publics that they encounter with certain issues. For example, if there was an issue about breast cancer, a magazine like ‘Woman’s Weekly’ may address it by showing real life experiences with women who have had it. Where as a teenage girly magazine like ‘Dolly’ may address it by showing a girl who’s parent’s have it, or have had it, and convey the implications that it has on them, and also how they can help there parent. They address the same issue, but portray them completely different so that it appeals to the target audience.

With this subject, I found that I could have studied more into certain theories which would have benefited me in my assignments, although I do believe that I have derived to a sound understanding of the theories that are acknowledged in this subject.