Media Management

In the last week we have been learning about how companies and PR professionals deal with the media. I found it particularly interesting in the lecture when it showed that the Media need PR and PR needs the media to survive. However I feel that the Media need PR much more due to the fact that they are one of the best, if not the best sources of credible information.

According to Baily from Tench and Yoemans (2009) Study in to British Journalism in 2008 revealed 19% newspapers and 17% broadcast stories came from PR material. As well as this, a study that was taken out in 2011(Chia and Synnott, 2012) showcased how much journalists use PR information, the survey revealed that Journalists visit the media release section more than any other page on a corporate website (84% n=61).

This only clarifies how much journalists rely on PR. I feel that PR professionals also have a split role when dealing with the media, if there was no such thing as PR, the stories that journalists concoct would be un-credible and would be from a range of seedy sources.

From this topic, I have gathered that PR professionals not only have their organisation’s best interests at heart, but they almost keep the journalists in line. They keep them from straying to far away from story, by giving them only the information they want the public to hear.   


Chai, J & Synott, G 2012. An Introduction to Public Relations: Theory and Practice. 2nd ed. Melbourne: Oxford University Press.

Tench, R & Yeomans, L 2009, Exploring public relations, 2nd ed, Financial Times Prentice Hall, Harlow


One thought on “Media Management

  1. Hi Albie 🙂 I found your post incredibly enjoying to read! I also found it interesting how media and PR both need each other to survive! I do agree with you there. The media definitely seems to be more dependant on PR. Wow it’s also great that you have incorporated statistics as well as showing that journalists really do rely on media releases from PR people for their stories. You’ve made a really great blog post! All the best 🙂

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