Publics in my opinion are the single most important aspect and the focal point for Public Relations. As Publics are the main thing that PR professionals have to take into account when determining the company’s next move, they have to tread very carefully, and understand each of their publics as upsetting one group due to poor communication, could lead to catastrophe.

The types of Publics that I am going to focus on for this blog are International and Domestic Publics. According to B.Harte’s (2011) definition on these publics “you need keep in mind that just because the organization might be domestic, it doesn’t mean that international publics might not have a hand in the success or failure of the organization”. With these Publics, PR professionals have to take into account the differential factors that other countries may or may not hold. And that they may not be in accordance to the opinions that are held by those domestically.

One example of not understanding their company’s international client base is one of Apple and them having to apologize for their actions towards China.  According to SMH (2013) “Communist Party’s flagship newspaper, People’s Daily  accused Apple Inc. of arrogance, greed and “throwing its weight around” and portrayed it as just the latest Western company to exploit the Chinese consumer”. Apple originally did not take into account how the Chinese would react to their actions, and eventually had to apologize for their poor communication.  Apple was on the near verge of losing a large percentage of their sales due to this, and barely survived their faultiness. The severity of this scandal deeply highlights the immense importance that the public’s hold in the outcome of a company, and in this debacle, particularly international and domestic publics.




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