In this week’s blog I would like address the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in relation to cultural theory. One aspect of Cultural theory is focusing on what is happening in the society in regards to issues and adjusting your actions in accordance to what is deemed acceptable in the society. After the ghastly massacre took place; the majority of America went into complete shock and in the few weeks that followed, schools became very strict on matters regarding to any nonsense about the massacre. According to Bangor Daily news, one case of overreaction showed a 6 year old being suspended from Roscoe Nix Elementary School, for forming a gun with his hands and directing it at a fellow student and saying “pow” (2013). The schools reasoning for dealing with this matter in such an abrupt manner was because the sandy cook massacre had only reached it one week anniversary and many parents and teachers where fearful of more gun violence. Although the overall reaction to this seemed absurd, regarding to cultural theory the school needed to set an example looking into the future. As they need to be cautious about their actions and their student’s actions towards guns in schools and promoting games that encourage gun use. I feel that the even though the school dealt with the matter correctly, the child is too young to have any real conception of how his actions can be viewed inaccurately. But when it comes to a 6 year old pointing his finger, I feel that they have gone over the top in displaying there political correctness.

School suspends first-grader for pointing finger, saying ‘pow’ — Nation — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine. 2013. School suspends first-grader for pointing finger, saying ‘pow’ — Nation — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 07 April 2013].


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